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To my small kingdom of happy and playful cavaliers. My name is Melita, I would like to use this opportunity to introduce to you my little beauties. And here are a couple of words so you can get an idea about their character and a way of life. Enjoy!



I'm a senior in this trio. I was the first to steal the heart of my new "mommy". I was born a Sagittarius which means that I'm playful, happy, and loud. Sometimes a little to much. So my owner says that I'm nervous. But there is absolutely no truth to it. Anyway, you can see how dignified and calm I look in the photo.. And they say a picture is worth a thousand words.


One look is enough to see that I am the most handsome one in the bunch. My naturally messy hairdo and charming looks simply sweeps them of their feet. I am curious and playful like every real Gemini. But, in my exploring endeavors other people's things get broken and then I have to use all my tricks so I could get away unpunished . My charm is definitely my strongest suit. I get away with it every time!



As you can see, I am really dignified in every way. There is no need to pretend I am truly British. As one, I know what real manners are. I am nothing like these two uncivilized animals. I politely wait to be greeted and acknowledged. I'm a romantic at heart, like every real Cancer and simply adore women, especially my owner. I love looking good specially when I'm going out. You never know, maybe I'll meet someone who will discover my potential of becoming a star!